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McFarlin & Brokke, PCCertified Public Accountants   (386) 882-6047


McFarlin & Brokke provides many of our small business clients, homeowner associations, condominium association, and not-for profit clients with ongoing monthly bookkeeping services.  


In addition to ur QuickBooks services, McFarlin & Brokke can assist you with the following monthly bookkeeping services:

  • Review all incoming invoices
  • Submit invoices for approval
  • Prepare payments as authorized to submit for signature by authorized representative of your business
  • Prepare financial statements, including reconciliation of checking, savings, and credit card accounts

We can use our web based technology to perform these services from our offices.  This minimizes the disruption of your employees and increases productivity.

Where to Find Us:

McFarlin & Brokke CPA
99 South Yonge St
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Phone:  (386) 882-6047


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What's New

Add Income Tax Planning to your Year-End Calendar-


Year-end tax planning is more complicated this year than in most years. With the possibility of major tax change just ahead, many standard tax-cutting moves are turned upside down. There’s not much time left for making changes that could affect your taxes for 2017.  Call us to schedule your tax planning appointment, (386) 882-6047

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