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Business tax returns create a different set of challenges; most owners want to minimize their income to pay the smallest amount of tax possible while juggling the need to give a healthy bottom line to the bank.


Additionally, they would like to build up the value of the business so that the day they are ready to sell their business they get the highest return possible.

The professional staff at McFarlin & Brokke work hard to make that happen for you by preparing and presenting your financial statements in a way that gives the bank comfort while keeping your tax expense as low as possible. Not by breaking any rules, but by honestly, ethically, and aggressively analyzing the results of your operations and helping outside investors understand your desire to keep profits under control.

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What's New

Add Income Tax Planning to your Year-End Calendar-


Year-end tax planning is more complicated this year than in most years. With the possibility of major tax change just ahead, many standard tax-cutting moves are turned upside down. There’s not much time left for making changes that could affect your taxes for 2017.  Call us to schedule your tax planning appointment, (386) 882-6047

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